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Our Journey

Escape Coffee was born 2011,  From that moment we took a dive deep into complex journey that coffee takes us on.

Escape felt like a name that was easy to say, easy to recognise, and a feeling everyone is seeking. Its taking a moment, a moment to ESCAPE, illuminate and elevate.

We fully embrace the art and science throughout the entire coffee chain — including sourcing all kinds of coffees which feature different processing methods, roast profiles, and brew methods. And we want our customers to see that hard work and experimentation.

When sourcing coffees we put the planet , people and quality before profit.. We also look at variety, country, process, and pricing but not until these element meet our standards.

We strive to product our products with the most sustainable means, deliver them with most efficient transport possible and wrap them with love using only compostable or reusable packaging. 

Our transparency model was born out of our interactions: being told that certain green coffee information wasn’t available, that you can’t buy a coffee a certain way, that you can’t pay high prices for coffee and make it, that you can’t be transparent.

We want to continue to push the industry and ourselves forward by increasing our sourcing standards and innovating throughout the process of buying green, roasting, brewing, and serving customers. We hope our customers continue to enjoy beautiful cups of black coffee over breakfast, meetings, dates, and any occasion that calls for something intentional.

Together we grow

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