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Cherry Bomb

Origin – El Mirador Farm, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Variety – Red Caturra, Red Catuai

Elevation – 1400m

Process – Washed

Cup – Apple, honey and cherry


Cherry Bomb

This coffee is the bomb.  Full of fresh, juicy flavour, there is no denying the sensory explosion that will hit you head on.  

Coffee Story

Our Cherry Bomb coffee is sourced from Emma and Jose Francisco’s small piece of Nicaraguan paradise, El Mirador Farm. Located in one of the prime coffee cultivating regions of Jinotega, their coffee plants are interspersed with cilantro, carrots and other vegetables, which they harvest to supplement their income. 

Located at an altitude of 1400 metres, El Mirador coffee is harvested a full two months after the rest of the country’s coffee due to a cooler climate and increased cloud cover. Jose Francisco and Emma’s coffee beans also have a slower maturity rate, allowing them to absorb more nutrients. This undeniably produces sweeter, more dense beans, and creates a cup with seriously complex notes.

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