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Mellow Yellow

Origin – El Consuelo Farm, Las Nubes, Nicaragua

Variety – Yellow Catuai

Elevation – 1250m

Process – Washed

Cup – Peach, orange syrup, apple


Mellow Yellow

A gentle, modern drop that will bring out your best qualities. Sip, sip, and seek simple.

Coffee Story

Situated high up in the clouds of the Las Nubes region of Matagalpa, lies the El Consuelo Farm. With early mornings bringing low-lying cloud and a cool climate, the yellow and red catuai coffee beans grown meticulously by Santos and Teresa come from a place of peaceful nature and nurture. 

The couple’s care and attention for their product ensures it’s a standout on all cupping tables. Through picking only the most perfectly ripe fruit, and removing imperfections by hand, their coffee brings a reliable quality that cannot be forgotten.

Deemed a renaissance coffee, the yellow catuai is known for its softer body and gentle, sweet flavours that are only enhanced by our lighter roast profile.

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