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Montana De Oro

Origin – Finca Idealista, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Variety – Pacas, Caturra 

Elevation – 1200m

Process – Natural

Cup – Honey, candied apple, mango


Montana De Oro

Sit back and enjoy the view. Take a moment and let this coffee transport your mind to all that is good in life, and all the experiences you seek. 

Coffee Story

Finca Idealista sits on a Nicaraguan mountaintop, bordering a nature reserve that cools and conditions its many varieties of award-winning coffee beans. This cool micro-climate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, giving the beans more time to absorb natural sugars and the signature attributes that enhance its rounded cup profile. 

Montana De Oro is honey processed, allowing it to dry with amounts of flesh still on the bean. This process has a dual purpose that benefits both the environment, and you. While using less water during processing, it also enhances the sweet, succulent tones of the coffee to provide a drinking experience that goes beyond pleasurable.

This coffee reflects our desire to seek out and create partnerships with the best coffee growers and suppliers in the world, who take pride in their work and our planet. Finca Idealista and Gold Mountain Coffee reflect the values we hold dearly of quality, community and connection.

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