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Origin – Finca Idealista, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Variety – Pacas, Caturra

Elevation – 1200m

Process – Rainforest Natural

Cup – Strawberry jam, white grapes, mandarin/orange



Like our friend the sloth, this coffee is worthy of our time. Sourced for those seeking premium coffee, it is best enjoyed when you’ve slowed right down so you can savour Every. Last. Drop.

Coffee Story

Finca Idealista sits on a Nicaraguan mountaintop, bordering a nature reserve that cools and conditions its many varieties of award-winning coffee beans. This cool micro-climate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, giving the beans time to absorb natural sugars and the signature attributes that enhance its rounded cup profile. 

This high-quality coffee is naturally processed, drying initially in its cherries, which allows the delicate flavours to develop and deepen into dramatic, fruity tones. Our lighter roasting profile respects these notes, and will always seek to bring you the best flavour experience possible.

We sought out a partnership with Finca Idealista and Gold Mountain Coffee because they are among the best coffee growers and suppliers in the world. Not just for the flavours they produce, but the pride they take in their work, and the care they take with our planet. This partnership is a true reflection of the values that sit at the heart of Escape Coffee: quality, community and connection. 

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